Can I book multiple places on a club?

In order to be fair to all parents, clubs are booked on a one place per booking basis. If you need to book more than one place you will need to submit separate orders.

Can I cancel my club booking?

Club places are cancellable until Friday 20th April. To cancel your order click on the link in your confirmation email or contact clubs@pointers-school.co.uk. If you have already made a payment your account will be credited. We kindly ask that parents inform the school of any cancellations as soon as possible, as this allows us to reallocate the place to other parents on the waiting list.

What location is my child’s club?

The location and building of each club is displayed on the club information page on this site.

Where do I collect my child from?

At both buildings children will be dismissed from the front playground.

What if I’m late to collect my child from a club?

If you are going to be late to collect your child please contact the school office as soon as possible. Uncollected children will be taken to late class and the normal fees will apply.

Do you accept suggestions for new clubs?

We’re always trying to adjust the clubs program to meet parent expectations. If you have a club that you would like to see run please email clubs@pointers-school.co.uk with your suggestion.

Online booking and payment

All clubs are now booked via online payment. Online payments allow the place to be paid for and secured at the time of booking.

Can I get a refund for a club purchased online?

Club places are cancellable until Friday 20th April. If you’d like to cancel and obtain a refund, contact clubs@pointers-school.co.uk and a full credit for the club’s cost will be applied to your account.

Can I use child care vouchers (CCV) to pay online for clubs?

Yes, you can pay for any after school clubs with a CCV. To use a CCV for an online payment club select "Pay by Invoice" during the checkout process. This will bypass the card payment. You will then need to instruct your CCV provider to pay the school with the name of the club you have booked as a reference. All online payment clubs must be paid for using either a credit/debit card or a CCV. If you select the CCV payment option you must pay using a CCV, the school reserves the right to cancel and reallocate and places where CCV payment was selected but not used.

Cancelled clubs policy

If the school cancels a club session a refund will be credited to your account. If children cannot attend a club due to other commitments a refund will not be issued.
Residential trips
During the summer term, we have residential trips for Years 3, 4 5 and 6. To allow clubs to run during this time for the year groups that are in school, we are unable to offer refunds for any clubs that are missed due to residential trips. The same is applicable for school trips.