Junior Woodwork Club

Fridays 3:30pm - 4:30pm

About Junior Woodwork Club

Location: Early Years - Room 31

Our woodwork club provides a unique learning experience. It is rich in so many areas of learning and development, an activity which encourages creative thinking, maths skills, physical development and coordination. We will be using real tools, which will teach responsibility and how to accomplish and overcome challenging tasks, leading to new skills whilst taking pride in their new creations. The children will discuss and plan projects together, further encouraging the value of sharing ideas and learning from others. We will be using balsa wood, which is soft and easy to work with, in no time, they will produce interesting creations of their own design.

Autumn 2019 Term - Friday 20th September 2019 until Friday 6th December 2019

  • Club Leaders
  • Ms Day
  • Ms Luxford