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Fridays 3:45pm - 4:45pm


Booking opens on Thursday 5th September 2019 at 20:00

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About Chess Club

Location: Pointers - Room 16

The World's most enduring and popular board game, more than 2000 years old. Beginners to advanced players are all very welcome. You can learn the moves and basic strategies, play for fun, or improve your skills and aim for a place in the high successful school team. Chess for all standards. Chess is gymnastics for the mind and fun to play and learn. Studies have indicated children who play chess tend to reap benefits in a number of other areas including problem solving and maths. This term at Friday afternoon Chess, your child will have a chance to: - learn some basic strategy and tactics - play against other children of a similar level - learn at least a couple of other fun intellectual games played on a 64 square board (Chess Variants) - attain or reinforce some mathematical, linguistic and problem solving skills without realising that is what they are doing (Chess uses some vocabulary from German, French and Italian) - get a basic overview of the history of chess - pick up a universal skill which they can use and develop at any future point in their lives - serious players who wish to play competitively will receive some advanced tuition and have access to a library of puzzles and problems with the opportunity to play with some of the best juniors in the country.

Autumn 2019 Term - Friday 20th September 2019 until Friday 6th December 2019

  • Club Leaders
  • Mr Harakis
  • Ms Batiste